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Welcome to our church

We're so happy you've found us. Please look around and contact us if you would like more information. Hope to see you soon!


At Heritage, we think of ourselves as a family--a family brought together through the love of Jesus Christ. Each member holds a special place in this family, bringing to the group a host of gifts, knowledge, talents, and spiritual needs. Utilizing each individual's gifts, we form a whole that works in harmony for the cause of Christ.

Like most Christian families, our Heritage family is bonded in Christ's love, understanding, and acceptance. As we have come to know each other better, we've realized Heritage is a special group that God has brought together in his own unique design, and that he continues to refine and mature us as we give our lives over to His control.

That special bond of fellowship, along with our activities, studies, mission work and service to the community help strengthen our family and keep us working as a unit. You will find there is something for everyone and plenty of opportunities to get to know one another.

Welcome to our site. We would love to get to know you.


Bible Study, 9:30 am
Worship, 10:30 am


Prayer Time, 7 pm


Bible Study, 7 pm

Deaf interpretation and nursery available